Useful links


Links to some of our favourite forums......

Locost Builders Forum (A site dedicated to all things kit car and Locost/Lotus 7 related)

Robin Hood Owners Club Forum (A forum for the popular Robin Hood and GBS range of kit cars)

Westfield Sports Car Club Forum (All things Westfield related)

The XRtwo Forum (THE information and resource center if you own a mk1 or mk2 Fiesta!)

Turbosport Forum (Ford enthusiasts forum, particularly popular with mk1 and mk2 Escort owners)

Retro Rides Forum (A forum dedicated to retro and classic cars of any marque)

Passionford (Ford enthusiasts forum, particularly popular with owners of the 'RS' marque)

The Ford Sierra Owners Club (A great resource for Ford Sierra fans)


Links to our favorite publications.....

Practical Performance Car Magazine

Complete Kit Car Magazine

Total Kit Car Magazine

Classic Ford Magazine

Performance Ford Magazine