• Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Balance Bar
  • Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Balance Bar
  • Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Balance Bar

Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Balance Bar

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In many engine applications a stable manifold absolute pressure (MAP) reading is required to control either a vacuum advance distributor unit, or on a more modern management system to provide a signal for a MAP based ECU. This reading is normally taken from a common chamber inlet manifold, however when converting to a manifold made from individual runners there is no longer a common chamber. Taking a reading from a single runner results in an unstable 'pulsed' reading and is not suitable in most cases. Therefore the solution is to take a reading from each runner into this common balance chamber - resulting in a stabilised reading that can then be connected via a single vacuum hose (seen at the end of the bar).


The kit consists of:

350mm x 19mm Dia Aluminium Balance Bar complete with 5 x 6mm brass hosetails (spacing dimension 85mm)

1m Vacuum Hose (red blue or black, please specify on order, otherwise default black will be provided)


The manifold that this product is to be used with will required 4 x vacuum connections, similar to those shown in the pictures. These connections can be specified when ordering one of our manifolds.


We can combine this with any number of accessories to help you in your bike carb conversion, manifolds, carbs, bike pumps, fluoro hose kits, cables, air filters etc......


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