danST Engineering are pleased to be able to offer this complete bolt on kit for the Rover K Series engine including management and ancilliaries - everything you need to get your engine up and running on ITB's.

The package consists of the following:


1 x TIG welded danST Engineering Aluminium inlet Manifold

1 x Set of 42mm GSXR750 or GSXR1000 Throttle Bodies, respaced with extended linkages and fuel rail (retaining original 240cc injectors, suitable for power outputs in excess of 240bhp!)

1 x danST Engineering Fitting Kit (4x Fluoro lined silicone hoses and 8x stainless mikalor clamps) in red, blue or black

1 x 50mm Diameter, danST Aluminium Trumpet Kit complete with custom danST clamp ring assemblies                   (trumpets available in 25/50/90mm lengths, please use drop down to select)

1 x Pipercross PX500 or PX600 filter kit (C502D, C503D, C504D, C602D, C603D or C604D  depending on space and trumpet requirements)

1 x danST Engineering Throttle Cable Kit (all parts to adapt your existing cable, or replace entirely)

1 x Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU and Wire in Loom Kit (Basemaps to get the car running are available, road mapping/tuning will be required)

1 x Air Intake Temperature Sensor

1 x Coolant Sensor and Housing

This kit is ideal for anyone wanting to carry out the popular bike throttle body modification. Bike throttle bodies offer excellent performance, reliability and fuel economy without the pricetag normally associated with TB conversions! These conversions are very popular in both modified and kit car circles as well as Hillclimb and Motorsport applications and provide a low cost, simple power upgrade not to mention a fantastic soundtrack! The power graphs shown are typical of a 'modern' 2.0 16V engine. Expect in the region of 170bhp providing the engine is healthy and running with an appropriate performance manifold and exhaust system. During back to back dyno tests (rolling road) Bike throttle bodies have repeatedly shown peak power figures matching, or indeed exceeding those seen from other manufacturers individual throttle body kits on the same spec engine. Further to this the tapered design of these ITB's quite often gives greater torque and mid-range than those competitors. All this for a fraction of the cost of the available alternatives. These kits benefit from the massive investment that the manufacturers (Keihin and Mikuni) put into developing induction that allows a 1000cc bike to put out 170bhp+ per litre!


The manifold is manufactured from high quality aluminium with a precision Water Jet cut 10mm thick flange and TIG welded 48mm (Outside Dia) runners with a 3mm thick wall. All internal joints are fully ported/ground to ensure a smooth flow.

All danST supplied Throttle Bodies undergo a comprehensive inspection, strip, ultrasonic clean and rebuild process. We can also build this kit using alternative throttle bodies (38mm GSXR600, 46mm GSXR1300 or ZX12R etc) depending on customer requirements and engine specification.


The ME221 ECU is the latest engine management system from Motorsport Electronics LTD. Designed for fully sequential control of four cylinder engines, it is a feature packed ECU in a compact, reliable and affordable form. With Support for a range of OEM sensors and trigger patterns the ME221 has a range of features including:


Fully sequential fuel control


Closed Loop boost and VVT control

Windowed DSP Knock Control

Programmable inputs

custom tunable sensor tables

Full 3D mapping of both fuel and ignition


Kits can be customised to your requirements (eg delete the filter should you wish to utilise another solution). Buy these now and have your cars performance increased ready for the summer season! 

Please Note: All of our throttle body kits are made to order and therefore on a 10 working day lead time. This is to allow the manufacture of the manifold and preparation of the throttle bodies.

Any questions please ask. For alternative engine fitments (See other listings for the range of inlet flanges these can be mounted to) or any questions please feel free to message us. We can also be found on facebook under danST engineering.


This kit really is THE most affordable way to get up and running on individual EFI throttle bodies without compromising on quality and performance. 






What Else Will I need?


1.0 Engine Management Sensors.

Our ECU offerings require a set of basic inputs in order to function. Below is a summary of the basic inputs and outputs and the equipment you will need:

          1.1 Crank Position Sensor. All ECU's need to know where the engine       is relative to TDC at any point in time. This is achieved with a crank    position sensor reading a toothed profile (For example: Ford 36-1, or      Vauxhall 60-2) either on the engines flywheel or front pulley. If an           engine is already equipped with a crank sensor then given that the   new ECU supports the tooth pattern of the OE sensor arrangement          aftermarket sensor and trigger wheel will need to be fitted to the engines front pulley (see our shop for univeral items).

          1.2 Engine Load Sensing. This input can be achieved by either a    throttle position sensor (TPS) or Manifold Pressure Sensor (MAP). TPS      is usually the favoured method in normally aspirated applications,          however in forced induction MAP is essential. All danST throttle body         kits come complete with a throttle position sensor as standard.           Additionally the throttle bodies all have connections for a map sensor          (also useful for balancing) if required.

          1.3 Air Temperature Sensor. An ECU needs to know the inlet air    temperature to ensure fueling and ignition timing are correctly       adjusted to the working conditions. If the engine already has an air temperature sensor then this can potentially be re-used, however           temperature sensors cannot be 'piggy-backed' and thus if the original         sensor is still driving another instrument/ECU a new dedicated sensor          will need to be installed (usually in the air filter backplate, or simply         close to the inlet in the engine bay). Please see our shop for suitable       air temperature sensors.

          1.4 Coolant Temperature Sensor. An ECU needs to know the        engine coolant temperature to ensure fueling and ignition timing are     correctly adjusted to the working conditions. If the engine already has a coolant temperature sensor then this can potentially be re-used,      however temperature sensors cannot be 'piggy-backed' and thus if the       original sensor is still driving another instrument/ECU a new dedicated          sensor will need to be installed. Please see our shop for suitable    coolant temperature sensors as well as a useful radiator top hose   mounting kit.


          1.5 Coilpack. The ECU's ignition drivers are used to power a coilpack         (typically 'wasted spark'). Therefore the engine will require a coilpack      and matching ignition leads - most 'modern' engines have a coilpack       fitted as standard. Older, typically carburated engines will require one fitting. Please see our shop for suitable coilpacks.


2.0 Fuel Supply

All danST Motorcycle Throttle Body kits come with the bike injectors and fuel rail included and require a typical EFI fuel supply pressure of 3 Bar (45psi). How this is achieved will depend on the vehicle:


2.1) OE Carburettor Engine. Carburated engines generally run on a low pressure fuel supply of around 3psi and therefore the fuel supply will not be sufficient from the standard (or aftermarket) fuel pump on an engine originally equipped with carburettors. Therefore a high pressure EFI fuel pump will be required along with the appropriate fuel pressure regulator. We offer high pressure EFI fuel pumps and adjustable fuel pressure regulators in our shop for this application. A schematic of the fuel supply plumbing can also be seen in the technical section of our website. It is worth noting that if you are already running an aftermarket electric pump for the carburettors this can be retained to feed a swirl pot (which in turn feeds the high pressure pump). Please see the diagram on our website for more details.


2.2) OE Fuel Injected Engine. The standard fuel pump on a vehicle running EFI as standard will usually be sufficient to fuel an individual throttle body set-up (engine spec dependent).

Where an engines standard injectors and fuel rail are mounted in the inlet manifold (for example the Ford Zetec) it is necessary to utilise the bike injectors and rail. The removal of the original fuel rail and injectors will also likely delete the standard fuel pressure regulator and thus a replacement regulator will be required. We offer an adjustable fuel pressure regulator for this purpose (please see our shop).

Where an engines injectors mounted in the cylinder head (eg Ford Duratec & 1800 MX5) customers have the option to retain this along with the standard regulator, further simplifying the install. If this route is to be taken please advise and we can blank the bike injector holes during production of the throttle body kit.


3) Throttle Linkage. The throttle cable connection is relatively simple on bike throttle bodies in comparison to other aftermarket offferings with no complicated linkages required. In most cases it is simply a case of adapting the end of the existing throttle cable (inner and outer) to interface with the carbs. Our throttle body kits come with the basic parts to achieve this adaptation, or the danST universal cable kit can be used to make a cable assembly up (see our shop for this kit).

4) Rolling Road Tune. Our throttle bodies are fully balanced prior to dispatch. However the ECU will need a mapping session using the necessary AFR equipment and under real world load conditions (usually on a rolling road). This will ensure the maximum performance is achieved and will avoid engine damage that can be associated with running excessively lean or rich.



Are the danST Throttle Body Kits Compatible with my Fly-by-wire throttle?

Any vehicle fitted with a fly-by-wire (electronic) throttle will need to be adapted to a traditional cable arrangement.



What power increase will I see?

Power gains are highly dependent on other work carried out to the engine. As with any induction modifications the throttle body kits will better compliment an engine that has had an exhaust manifold and system upgrade as a minimum. Camshafts and headwork will of course further benefit the power and torque curves. A typical healthy 2.0 Ford Zetec (standard 135bhp) will see 165-170bhp with an ITB kit and free flowing exhaust when correctly mapped. Please also see the various customer power graphs posted on our website for typical examples.



How do I connect the fuel supply without a return on the fuel rail?

Please see the below fuel supply schematic diagram (swirl pot is optional):





How do I connect the Throttle Position Sensor?


The below wiring guide covers the throttle position sensors and their colour coding for both our bike carburettor and bike throttle body kits:


How do I wire the ECU?


All support documentation for the Motorsport Electronics ECU’s can be downloaded from:



Please see our shop for accessories that will aid with the above as well as further parts to further compliment your install. Additionally you may wish to consider our range of ‘Fast Road’ and 'Competition' kits as these contain many of the accessories listed above – these kits can also be tailored to your requirements. Further advice and technical information is available on the danST Engineering homepage.


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Individual Throttle Bodies First Start Guide 270.53KB Download

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Rover K Series, Lotus Elise S1, Caterham Seven Individual Throttle Bodies Kit 42mm *FAST ROAD PACK*

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Rover K Series, Lotus Elise S1, Caterham Seven Individual Throttle Bodies Kit 42mm *STARTER PACK*

Rover K Series, Lotus Elise S1, Caterham Seven Individual Throttle Bodies Kit 42mm *STARTER PACK*

danST Engineering are pleased to be able to offer this bolt on kit for the Rover K Series engin..

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