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Based on the ME442 ECU, this version comes with a high quality patch harness that plugs straight into the factory loom of your MX5 NC/Mk3. It retains all the factory functions, except cruise control. This is an early unit, so not all functions might be working. Final release will be in May 2020.  There are many advantages which include:

  • Real-time tuning, resulting in better maps and a much improved tuning process
  • Electronic boost control (much better spool, possibility to do boost-by-gear)
  • Support for any aftermarket race dash (CAN-based)
  • Engine-saving features based on any number of sensors (oil parameters, fuel pressure, AFR etc)
  • Flex-fuel and a myriad of other configuration options not available with the stock ECU

The ME442 ECU is a feature rich and future proof four, six and eight cylinder injection engine management system. Built from the ground up using the latest control strategies means a modern, powerful, VE based ECU, with enhanced feature set including closed loop boost, in-built Wideband Lambda Control, DSP Knock Control, on-board data Logging and VVT control – all in a compact form factor. Massive IO means the ME442 can handle anything thrown at it, and custom tables means any specific algorithms required can be easily derived.

Note: The MX5 NC version of the ME442 will be locked to only 4-cylinders and only to the MX5 NC trigger patterns. Price includes all features and required software. There’s no hidden/costly unlocks or extra charges for the tuning software.

Core Charge: The £100 Core Charge is for return of your stock ECU. We recommend you claim this back after you have had your car tuned as once returned to us the OEM ECU will no longer be serviceable. Please contact us to arrange this credit when ready.

Tuning Software (MEITE)

  • Intuitive, developed with real-world feedback from 100’s of tuners
  • Everything real-time adjustable
  • Diagnostics and analysis functionality
  • Custom layouts, tabs and functions
  • In-built firmware update tool for ease-of-use
  • Custom “part calibration” import – use settings from other maps in a current map
  • Offline Editing of calibrations
  • Real-time tracing
  • Data-logging of all variables and Auto-Tune

Fuelling Control

  • Configurable Load/RPM BINS 16×16, 32 bit floating point Tables
  • Multiple Fuel Tables
  • Injection Angle
  • Priming Pulse Settings and Crank Pulse Settings
  • Cranking Enrichment
  • After-Start Enrichment and ASE Time Decay
  • Warm-Up Enrichment
  • Acceleration Enrichement TPS/MAP based with Coolant Modifier
  • IAT Correction Table
  • Idle Trims
  • 16×16 AFR Target Table factored into VE Equation
  • Speed-Density/Alpha-N with optional Blending
  • Injector Voltage Offset Table
  • Overrun Fuel Cut
  • Closed Loop Narrow-band/Wide-band Lambda control with Bosch LSU4.9 Controller On-Board
  • Flex-Fuel secondary tables

Ignition Control

  • 16×16 32bit Table
  • Closed Loop DSP Windowed Knock Control On-board
  • Battery Voltage Dwell Correction 16×16 Table
  • Individual Cylinder Trimming
  • IAT and Coolant Trim
  • Spark-Scatter Ignition Idle Control
  • Flex-Fuel Control
  • Switchable Ignition Tables

Crank/Cam Triggering

  • VR/Hall/Opto Inputs as required
  • Auto-scaling, Parametric Noise Rejection
  • NC Pattern Only Supported

Idle Control

  • PWM based Closed/Open/Manual Diagnostic Modes
  • 4-wire Stepper based idle control
  • Cranking/Return to idle Settings reference Open-Loop table for wide-control
  • DBW Idle Control *where DBW is used
  • AC/Fan Auto-Idle Up Settings
  • PID Based for Accuracy
  • Fuel Modifiers
  • Ignition Spark Scatter
  • Jacked-Throttle Miss-Bang Idle Mode (Group-N ALS)

Knock Control

  • DSP Angular Windowed Knock Control
  • Settable Gains, Offset and Window Duration
  • Step Retard and Fail-Safe

Boost Control

  • Closed/Open Loop Boost Control by 16×16 RPM and Throttle table
  • Boost-by-Gear
  • Switchable Boost Tables
  • Over-Boost Protection
  • Pre-Start Duties
  • Anti-Lag Group-N

Variable Valve Timing

  • Fully Closed Loop PWM (Throttle X RPM table)
  • Dual Cam Support
  • Locked Angle or Locked Duty testing modes
  • On/Off Mode with multiple switch points (Honda VTEC)
  • Supported patterns include MX5 2001-2005 and Ford ST170, Ford Puma 1.7
  • PID Tuning with Oil Temperature triggering & safeties
  • Programmable Rest State & Offset compensation

General Purpose Tables

  • 6x General Purpose Tables
  • Custom Variables and Outputs
  • Modify Fuel, Ignition, Boost and Idle strategies from the GPTs
  • 3D and 2D tables with ability to “chain” tables together for create complex functions


  • Industry Preferred RS232 for ECU mapping/communication (USB Adaptor available)
  • CAN-Bus on some models
  • USB on some models


  • 6.5A Half bridge
  • Closed loop, dual redundant DBW
  • DBW Idle Control functions
  • Software and Hardware fail-safes

Processing Power

  • 120Mhz 32-bit RISC Processor
  • Ignition Accuracy to 0.01 degrees, Fuelling to 0.001mS
  • 32-bit maths and tables (Table entries can have 8 decimal places for very high resolution)
  • ADCs/Analogue data reported to 16-bit accuracy
  • 20,000+ RPM

Analogue/Digital Inputs

  • Configurable “HRT”‘s for every analogue channel – use any sensor. Basemaps pre-set for factory sensors.
  • Wide-band O2 LSU4.9 Controller Built In
  • TPS, IAT, CLT, MAP, Lambda standard inputs
  • Selectable feature for digital/analogue inputs
  • Spare/unused analogue lines can be used for general purpose tables or digital switches

Environmental & Physical

  • Automotive -20 – 85*C
  • Voltage 5.5-28V
  • Operating Current Approx 120mA @ 13v
  • Electrically isolated and protected inputs/outputs
  • 90 Way Automotive Connector
  • IP67 Sealed Alloy Casing


  • 4Gb On-board Data logging – over 2,000 Hours of all variables
  • Unlimited PC based logging via MEITE
  • User settable Triggers and markers


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ME442 MX5 NC Early Release

  • £1,095.00

  • Ex Tax: £1,095.00

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