10mm thick 5053 Aluminium CNC WATERJET cut inlet manifold adapter plate to suit the Ford 1.6/1.8/2.0 Zetec engine. This plate/stud arrangement allows the fitment of the Rover T16 inlet manifold onto the popular 1.6/1.8/2.0 Blacktop and Silvertop Zetec E engine.

Our Aluminium flanges are now CNC machined and ports have been contoured to aid fabrication of tubular inlet manifolds therefore the head side of the plate is matched to the head whilst the opposing side may still have material left in to allow for better blending/flow.

NOT suitable for Zetec SE/Sigma engines (see our other items for this application).

NOT suitable for ST170 engine (see our other items for ST170 specific parts).

The kit consists of:

1 x ZTEC-TSER-001 Adapter Plate

9 x M8 Manifold Studs (33mm Exposed Length once mounted in the plate)

2 x M8 Countersink Screw for Middle Hole (this replaces two of your existing Zetec head studs)

 Port shape is that of the standard Zetec engine - Being an aluminium plate these can then easily be ported by hand (a simple round file will suffice in most cases) to match your Rover manifold, although the standard shape does match very closely.

 NOTE: This plate will foul the 'Cylinder Head Temperature Sender' type sensor as found on some model Zetec engines. This sensor is mounted in the head directly below port number 1 and it's position causes it to foul with one of the Rover mounting studs. Therefore this sender will need to be removed and the hole plugged/blocked. Various other temperature sender options are available (standard thermostat housing mount, or radiator top hose etc).

 The fitment of the Rover inlet is a popular upgrade for anyone converting a Zetec to forced induction. The inlet is a compact and attractive design and also offers performance improvements over the standard Zetec Inlets, allowing higher outputs to be achieved. The use of this inlet and adapter saves considerable amount over a custom fabricated plenum chamber.




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Ford 1.6 1.8 2.0 ZETEC to Rover Turbo T16 Inlet Adapter Plate

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