Technical Information

Bike Carb and Throttle Body TPS Wiring Guide
Bike Throttle Body Fuel Supply Schematic Diagram

Bike Throttle Body Fuel Supply Schematic Diagram

(image courtesy of John Dickens @ Complete Kit Car Magazine)

Self Weld Inlet Manifold Technical Information
Bike Carburettor Generic Inlet Specification Drawings

The below drawings are intended as specification drawings for customers to specify their own length, height, carb spacings and mounting angles - should our range of standard manifolds not be suitable. This data can be submitted to danST Engineering for quotation (email


Generic Bike Carb Inlet Drawing (1)

(Suited to engines where the inlet face of the head is vertical, manifold provides carb angle)


Generic Bike Carb Inlet Drawing (2) 

(Suited to engines where the inlet face of the head is already angled upwards due to engine mounting position, manifold provides lesser or no angle)

Bike Carburettor Kit Dimension Drawings

The below drawings are intended as an approximate guide to the installation dimensions of a typical danST bike carb kit. Dimensions are taken from the head face (horizontally) and the port centerline/midpoint (vertically).


Generic Carb Kit Dimension Drawing

(Suited to engines where the inlet face of the head is vertical, manifold provides carb angle)


Generic Carb Kit Side View 1-1 Scale

The same layout as above, side view only, 1:1 scale. This can therefore be printed (ensure 1:1 scale), cut out and used as a template to gauge space in your engine bay.

danST Velocity Stacks Technical Information
Power Graphs

Jason Kelly's Mev Rocket with crate 2.0 Blacktop Zetec on GSXR1300 ITB's.

Here's a power print of a stock 2.0 blacktop zetec (brand new crate engine) running GSXR1300 throttle bodies. Power values are at the wheels. Information provided courtesy of LSC Tuning and Jason Kelly.


Matthew Connor's Tuned ST170 Zetec on GSXR1300 ITB's.

Here's a power print of an ST170 engine, running GSXR1300 throttle bodies. Engine Mods: Lightened and balanced assembly, VVT delete, Port cylinder head and matched manifolds. Power values are at the flywheel. Information provided courtesy of EFI-Parts and Matthew Connor.


Paul's tuned 2.0 Blacktop Zetec

MEV Rocket running our 42mm GSXR Throttle Body Kit, coupled with headwork by Dyno-Tech and a set of custom profile cams, producing 213bhp at the flywheel! Power graph courtesy of Dyno Tech (


Peugeot 106GTI TU5 16v

A customers 106GTI running one of our GSXR600 38mm Throttle Body Kits and an Omex 600 ECU (also supplied by danST), producing 140bhp and a nice linear torque curve.


danST Adjustable Length Trumpet - length comparisons and vs Tapered Trumpets

Here's a plot using a set of our adjustable length 50mm diameter parallel trumpets, highlighting the significance/importance of a tuned induction length when looking to maximise the potential of a highly tuned engine (in this case a 2.3L Ford Duratec HE). Gains of 15bhp are seen at the high end of the RPM range from a small change in length (77mm vs 83mm). The comparison with a tapered trumpet also proves that this design is not always best as some would have you believe....(in this instance giving the poorest result of the four plots). Plots courtesy of Roddy Paterson who recently set the fastest ever sportscar lap at Knockhill during his final race of the season running the 83mm long trumpets.


Jamie Rigby's Zetec on 38mm ZX7R Carbs.

A 2.0 Zetec running a set of ZX7R carbs on our very popular ZX7R/ZX9R inlet manifold. An impressive 171bhp just goes to show that a 37mm/38mm carb is capable of giving very good power (and a super smooth curve!). Power graph courtesy of Jamie Rigby and Mikeanics tuning.


David Tasker's MX5 1800

An 1800 MX5 running our 'Fast Road' 40mm individual throttle body kit including the ME221 ECU. Producing a healthy 154bhp and plenty of torque to boot. Mapped by Dynotech.


Dmitrijs 1800 MX5.

A highly tuned MX5 putting out 185bhp using a danST inlet manifold to mount his GSXR750 throttle bodies.



For more graphs please see our gallery....