• Bike Carb Fuel Pump
  • Bike Carb Fuel Pump

Bike Carb Fuel Pump

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Brand: danST Engineering
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Bike carburettors are very sensitive to fuel pressure and require only a low pressure supply of 2-3psi. For this reason the simplest, cheapest and most effective solution is to utilise a motorcycle fuel pump - precisely the type of pump that the carburettors were designed to work alongside. A simple inline installation and two wire connection makes this component an easy install and eliminates the need for a costly fuel pressure regulator. These 'interruptor' type pumps deliver fuel at exactly the rate required by the carburettors.


This pump should be mounted horizontally, close to the fuel tank and as low down as possible.


This fuel pump is a brand new item (not remanufactured or salvage).

We can combine this with any number of accessories to help you in your bike carb conversion, manifolds, carbs, bike pumps, fluoro hose kits, cables, air filters etc......


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