Rolling Road Tuning and Fitting Services

We offer a comprehensive range of fitting and tuning services from our well equipped workshop in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Services include ranging from a basic Power Run to having one of our kits fully installed, set up and tuned. 

Our 2wd Eddy Current braked chassis dyno, complete with Dynomax Data Acquisition software allows both steady state and sweep testing. One of the most important aspects of a dyno cell is airflow to ensure repeatable and reliable results (changing the volume of air within the room as well as cooling the vehicle). Therefore we have invested heavily in the equipment required to ensure the conditions within the room remain consistent and safe.

We specialise in the following (though not limited to):

Bike Carburettor Conversions and Tuning

Individual Throttle Body Conversions and Tuning

Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU Installation and Mapping

Other standalone ECU tuning (for example Omex, DTA, Emerald, SCS, Haltech)

MX5 Tuning (Turbo, Supercharged and Normally Aspirated)

Hourly Rates (including VAT):

Workshop £50 + VAT

Rolling Road £65 + VAT

Please call (01274 580213) or email the workshop ( to find out what we can offer you and your vehicle, or to make a booking.