• Mikuni Bike Carb Main Jet Set, 1.6mm
  • Mikuni Bike Carb Main Jet Set, 1.6mm

Mikuni Bike Carb Main Jet Set, 1.6mm

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Main Jet set (4 x Jets) sized at 1.6mm (160) to suit the common Mikuni carburettor models used in our popular bike carburettor conversion kits for car engines, including:






1.6mm is a good starting size for 1800/2000cc engines to ensure that the car will run and drive - of course a full tuning session will be required on a rolling road to ensure that the jetting is correct for maximum performance and engine safety, but these jets will get you up and running and will be much closer to the required size than the standard sized jets.


Other sizes and specifications are available (eg Keihin jets for the popular ZX9R carbs) - please see our other listings.


We can combine this with any number of accessories to help you in your bike carb conversion, manifolds, carbs, bike pumps, fluoro hose kits, cables, air filters etc......

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