• Mazda ME221 MX5 Miata NB 99-00 Plug-n-Play ECU
  • Mazda ME221 MX5 Miata NB 99-00 Plug-n-Play ECU
  • Mazda ME221 MX5 Miata NB 99-00 Plug-n-Play ECU

Mazda ME221 MX5 Miata NB 99-00 Plug-n-Play ECU

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The ME221 MX-5 PnP is the latest plug-n-play Engine Management System from Motorsport Electronics for the 1999-2000 Mk2 (NB) MX-5 / Miata.

This ECU’s is ideal for use with one of our popular bike throttle body kits.

It supports the  1.6/1.8 model, and also fits the OEM case, which means the conversion installs tidily into the OEM position. It also supports the stock 'smart; alternator' control.

The only extra thing you need to do besides plugging it in is run a MAP vacuum hose (supplied) from the ECU to the intake manifold.

  • New for 2019 – the Gen2 Model adds direct USB Connectivity and even more I/O!

  • Uses the ME221 ECU Core (NXP Automotive Processing Power)
  • Supports all factory sensors.
  • Truly Plug-n-Play
  • 16×16 Floating Point Fuel and Ignition & Boost Tables (with dual table switching)
  • VE based fuelling algorithm.
  • Run any type of high impedance injectors.
  • Lots of Spare-IO for extra sensors, COP Upgrades as well as multiple spare outputs!
  • DSP Knock Control
  • in-built 45psi MAP sensor.
  • Closed Loop Boost Control, Protection and Boost by Gear.
  • Launch Control and ALS.
  • Stock Alternator Control on Mk2/Mk2.5 models.
  • Fully Sequential Injection and Ignition available.
  • In the field regular firmware updates and improvements.
  • Uses the powerful, free, MEITE tuning studio.
  • An open approach to firmware/software features.
  • Supplied with rolling road certified and developed basemaps for either turbo or NA setups.
  • Wait! If you’re wanting even more features such as in-built Bosch Wideband Lambda Control, SD Logging, Gyros/Accelerometers, Drive-by-Wire and EGT input, then check out the ME442 version of this Plug-In…

    Package contents:
    • ME221 Plug-In Core Board
    • Vacuum Hose
    • USB Communications Cable
    • Stickers
  • Note: As with all after-market engine management systems (ECU’s) a dyno tuning is recommended to avoid damaging your engine and to get the most out of your engine. 
  • Further information, installation manuals and a library of basemaps can be found here on the Motorsport Electronics Support Pages

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