Our Porsche 944 engine management package is based around the hugely popular ME221 fully mappable standalone ECU from Motorsport Electronics. This is an ideal upgrade for anyone looking to replace their standard Bosch Motronic ECU, Airflow meter, troublesome DME relay and ageing wiring loom. Additionally this kit will allow aftermarket induction such as our individual throttle body kits to be run as well as turbo and supercharger conversions.

Package Contents:


ME221 Fully Terminated Plug and Play Porsche 944 Wiring Loom

RS232 Tuning Cable

Genuine FDTI/Serial adapter cable

Air Temperature Sensor

Coolant Temperature Sensor (fits in place of the standard 944 temperature sender)

Wasted Spark Coilpack (compatible with standard 944 ignition leads)

This system has been design to be plug and play on all of the 924S, 944 and 968 range as far as is reasonably practical. However if running with the standard inlet manifold and throttle body the TPS will either need to be converted to a variable TPS (as the standard sensor is only an on/off switched TPS) or alternatively a MAP sensor used for load (we can supply a 3 bar map sensor if required). In forced induction applications a MAP sensor will be required regardless.

The standard fuel injectors will need to be replaced with modern high impedance items (loom is supplied with standard Bosch 2 pin mini timer type plugs). We can supply genuine Bosch injectors in varying sizes from 300cc to 840cc as required. Some basic wiring will be required to allow the ECU to run the fuel pump - all based around the DME relay connections in the relay box (we can advise on this). 

Further information on the ME221 engine management system:

The ME221 is the latest engine management system from Motorsport Electronics

As the core of our PnP EMS range, the ME221 has taken the UK by storm, with it's universal form factor, suited for accurate, reliable, and fully-sequential control of four-cylinder petrol injection engines.

This version includes a professionally made ‘click and go’ loom for the Porsche 944 8v, 944 S2 16v and 968. 

The ME221 uses the same high accuracy Position Timing Module Core and the powerful proprietary tuning software (Motorsport Electronics Integrated Tuning Environment, or MEITE) as developed for control of a unique Le Mans engine. 
With support for a range of OEM sensors and trigger patterns, as well as being versatile enough to offer flexibility where it’s needed - including often ‘expensive’ features such as Fully Sequential fuel control, Flex-Fuel, Closed Loop Boost & VVT as well as Windowed DSP Knock Control through to core features such as programmable inputs, custom tuneable sensor tables and full 3D mapping, the ME221 really blurs the line between lower priced and higher featured engine management systems.


Connectivity Specification:

2x IGBT Coil Drivers for Direct Coil Drive
4x High Impedance Injector Drivers (Can be used to drive two injectors each, or as spare Low Side Drivers)
3x Spare 10A Low Side Drivers (User Assignable features, ie Fuel Pump, VVT, Boost Solenoid etc)
1x 12V Tachometer Output
2x VR/OPTO/HALL Crank and Cam Signal Inputs
1x Knock Sensor Input
7x Analogue Sensor Inputs (Can be used as digital inputs)

The complete installation and tuning manuals can be viewed or downloaded here.

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Porsche 944 2.5 8V (inc Turbo) Engine Management Package

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