DanST Engineering are pleased to be able to offer this complete bolt on kit for the Volkswagen Polo/Golf 1.1-1.3 8v 6n, GG, HH, FA engines. The package consists of the following:


1x TIG welded danST Engineering Aluminium inlet Manifold (with single brake servo vacuum connection)

1x Set of 37mm Keihin or Mikuni Carburettors

1x danST Engineering Carb Fitting Kit (4x Fluoro lined silicone hoses and 8x stainless mikalor clamps) in red, blue or black

When purchasing please leave a comment with the vehicle it will be going in as the mounting angle of the 1.3 8v engine can vary and thus the manifold will be made to suit.


We often get asked 'what else will I need' and we have therefore added a few optional extra's - these are the items we consider essential for completing this conversion. However they remain 'options' to allow the kit to be tailored depending on your requirements and existing setup. An ECU is not required for this conversion as the carbs will run alongside the existing ignition system. However please see our 'Deluxe' packages for bundles including the options below and ignition ECU's.


Linkage kit - designed to adapt an existing cable to suit the carburettors provided. Please see our Throttle linkage instruction sheet for further details

Pipercross Air Filter and Base Plate - Protection for your engine. All of our Pipercross base plates are supplied to suit the carburettors and are ready to bolt on. Filter elements are sized to suit. 

Motorcycle Fuel Pump - a self regulating 12v inline pump to be mounted close to the tank, low down and horizontal. This pump will supply 2.5-3psi fuel pressure and does not require a fuel pressure regulator. Ideal for upgrading an older engine running a mechanical fuel pump.

EFI to Carb Fuel Pressure Regulator - this is an alternative to the above motorcycle pump when the vehicle is fitted with a high pressure EFI fuel pump already. In this case it can be simpler to retain the high pressure pump and simply use this regulator to bring the pressure down to the required 2-3psi for the carb conversion.

Fuel filter - protection for your fuel system

Balance Bar fitted to manifold - Vacuum balance bar for running a vacuum advance distributor or basic ECU with a MAP input. Please see here for more detail

This kit is ideal for anyone wanting to carry out the popular bike carb modification as an alternative to the old weber twin 40 style conversions. Bike carbs offer excellent performance, reliability and fuel economy when compared to the weber alternatives. These conversions are very popular in the VW tuning and modification world and provide excellent performance, simplicity and a great sountrack!

The manifold is manufactured from high quality aluminium with a precision CNC machined 10mm thick flange and TIG welded runners with a 3mm thick wall. All internal joints are fully ported/ground to ensure a smooth flow.

All danST supplied carburettors undergo a comprehensive inspection, strip, ultrasonic clean and rebuild process as required. Every set of carburettors are run on our dedicated test rig to ensure smooth idle and transition to higher RPM (see our youtube channel for running examples). We provide the carbs with base settings (and necessary jets) to allow you to get your engine up and running/driving. However these settings are only approximate and it is therefore essential that the carb jetting is set up by a competent engineer/mechanic using the necessary wide band AFR equipment (ideally on a rolling road) to avoid engine damage.

Please Note: All of our carburettor kits are made to order and therefore on a 10 working day lead time. This is to allow for manufacture of the manifold and preparation of the carburettors.

Please see our Bike Carb Quick Start Guide for installation tips and tricks.

Please see here for our Bike carburettor tuning services.

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VW Polo/Golf 1.1-1.3 8v 6n Bike Carb Conversion Kit 37mm starter kit

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